Teaching to StudentsWhat is WISE Pedagogy?

Online education has been a growing field over the past decade. As the number of Library and Information Science (LIS) schools offering online courses has increased, so has the number of LIS instructors who are teaching online. The nature of online learning has created its own dilemmas for educators, however: how can instructors successfully teach students without the benefits of face-to-face, classroom interaction?

WISE Pedagogy is an initiative of the Web-based Information Science Education (WISE) Consortium to help faculty and doctoral students develop effective online teaching practices within the context of LIS education. Through online and face-to-face workshops and resources, WISE Pedagogy seeks to provide LIS instructors with information on successful strategies and guide them through the process of developing their own sound pedagogical practices.

By better preparing instructors for teaching online, we can help to improve the overall quality of online education—and increase our students’ chances of success in future LIS careers.